A Murder of Crows

Here's Karl!!


‘Wait, how did we get here again?’

It has been more than a year since it all began, right here in this village with the death of Ian Firebrand and accusations of your involvement.

You find yourself back in that same village now. All of the madness that lead to this moment has been clarified to one simple truth – you MUST stop Karl!!!

He stands on a plateau. How did he get here? Is his arrival the boon that the three Fates promised? It doesn’t matter. He is talking with Lizbeth, someone you only know through rumor and myth – daughter of Chance, Raven Queen, Host of Crows. They are arguing.

L: What have you done? You killed Oakley? Why? How?

K: His sacrifice will be rewarded by his god, I am sure – should she live that long. I have been inexplicably waylaid here, but no matter. His blood has restarted the Engine and I can continue to SanSigal. I have what I sought, I can open the door!

L: You’re a madman!

K: Madmen don’t have supreme gods on their side. No, I think I am a harbinger. You know what really lies behind the door at SanSigal. You and I may be the only two who do.

L: It is a pact between my creator and yours.

K: Yes, an agreement. A peace treaty, if you will, between the cosmic brothers Fate and Chance. As long as the door remains closed, this land will be steeped in the taint of Chance’s influence. But, should one day the doors of SanSigal open, all will be set right to the destiny laid out by Fate. The future of Man will reclaim Ruinn and rewrite it in the languages of Order and Science. Mankind will take its command of this land and reign in supremacy over all things. The unnatural and the impossible will simply disappear from existence. So elegant a resolve. So divine a final solution.

L: My father would never allow that to happen.

K: Chance has already allowed it. I have seen the future. Fate has shown me. Our children eons from now call this land Australia. It is a beautiful vision of a new world. I will be its torchbearer

L: The light isn’t a torch – It is a funeral pyre you ARROGANT DICK!

Their fight was short. She was a Demi Goddess of the Prime of Chaos, and yet she fell quickly to Karl. His patron Fate has invested much in this scheme. He will not be stopped. He CANNOT be stopped. He will open the door to SanSigal and the new age will rewrite all that is left.

That is when you arrive.

The battle of Godin’s Plateau may be a minor epic in the rhymes of our time, but on that day the very foundation of the universe stopped to watch.

The heroes were quick to action, attacking the necromancer with missle and mace, warhammer and lightning. Some damage was done, but tough is the defenses of Fate’s avatar. Luck was not on their side as Boonler found little comfort beneath a crumbled statue and Flere snapped his bowstring. The Necromancer did his damage with bolts of dark energy.

Then, a turn of luck came. Desia went full Angry Smurf and pushed her foe near to the edge while Boonler revived the Raven queen enough to aid in the fight. Dorra drew from the Deck of Many Things by magehand, and used the Rogue card to dominate the Scion of Fate, convincing him to remove his armor. Slyph saw the effect the Chaotic energy of the card had on the Avatar of Order, and jumped to the Chaos Engine. But the battle to that point was owned by Hetinith as he found form to his art, driving Karl up to and over the edge of the ravine.

None think this is the end of the war, but it is a good end to the first stanza of an epic poem.


Sazboom Sazboom

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