A Murder of Crows

Shit's gone Craaaaazy

You aint in Kansas, Dorthy


It all seemed so simple. You had the crystal that Valthun loaned you. You knew the ritual. You had been to the Shadowfel before. ‘What went wrong?’ you asked yourself while looking out the Inn door on the madness floating before you.

The party had expected to land in the shadowfel. All plans of Mice and Men often go astray, they say. Instead of the gloom of Shadowfel, the group found themselves in the floating world of the Plane of Chaos.

No matter, as it seemed you had landed in the right place. Somewhere nearby you heard the calls of the captured souls of the Godviewan townsfolk. Off the party lept onto the nearest floating disk of energy, axe and bow in hand – you are adventurers after all!

Desia took out the nearby Slaads and Bullywicks with the help of Dorra. Slyph found a moving target as she flung the fogman off the roof and into space. Meanwhile Flere fel a nearby Mephit. ‘Aww I wanted to ride it’ Boonler lamented. No time to dwell, up again, onto the rooftop, energy disk, flying through the air with jumps and flips. More Mephits, more Slaad, more Bullywigs found the wrath of Firebrand was sharp. Desia enveloped the group in a fog while boonler blasted a Slaad into the void.

Most had been cleared, Slyph took the agile lead of leaping up onto the Inn roof in pursuit of a rope swing across the chasm. It was an easy jump, she had done so much further so many more time. And yet, perhaps fate played its hand, for the young halfling missed the mark and plummeted into the space below. A valiant attempt to save her by Dorra and her Jump power was so close to success. Fingertips away but still out of reach. Slyph disappeared into the dark

Rebounding on their mission, the group rounded on a large Sladd-Bullywick guarding the lever. ‘Hey, Karl sent us to relieve you’ Boonler remarked to the huge frog, twirrling a gold coin between his knuckles. Good help is hard to find, and the Guard swallowed the offered bribe before leaving. Piles of gold and equipment lay stashed in chests mere feet away, untouched, just going to show that some guards have convoluted ideas of morality.

With a shove, the lever moved at its base, releasing the souls below. Off the group bounded across more rooftops and some livestock to a portal in floating grass. They were back from their strange adventure and the villagers were awaking. Now to prepare for war.


Sazboom Sazboom

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