Mass Combat Rules

Turn Order

Each round Heroes roll a d20 as does the DM. Turn is in Highest to Lowest order.

You can choose to do one of the following on your turn

  • Attack a nearby Hex(s)
  • Move your full Movement
  • *Move and Attack nearby Hex(s)
  • Dig In (Full Defense)
  • Heal Your Hero or a fallen Hero


You can attack a hex by being on a touching hex

Heroes Attacking Monsters

  1. Declare how you are attacking (see attacking bonuses)
  2. Roll a d20 for each villager attacking. Add any bonuses
  3. Apply damage for any hit to the monsters
  4. Roll a d20 for the Hero. Add any bonuses
  5. Apply damage for the Heroes hit, add bonuses

Monsters Attacking Heroes

  1. Monsters must attack the villagers first unless the Hero is defending (see sacrifice).
  2. Roll a d20 for each monster attacking. Add any bonuses (see attack bonuses)
  3. Apply damage to one villager until dead, then overflow to the next villager.
  4. If there is damage left over, roll to hit Hero and apply damage if hit

Attacking Bonuses

  • Open Attack: No bonus or penalty to attack or defense
  • Attach with Cover: +2 to defense and -2 to attack
  • Brash Attack: +2 to attack and -2 to defense
  • No attack (Full Defense): +4 to defense and no attack

You can split your attack to any adjacent hex in any way you want.

Being Attacked

Each Hero has a HP counter and a villager count. Damage is applied to the villagers first unless the Hero has elected to sacrifice (see below). If a hero is taken below 1 hp, they are unconscious. If a villager or monster falls below 1 hp they are dead

Before monsters attack a hero, that hero can elect to Sacrifice themselves. If you decide to Sacrifice, all attacks to your hex go to the Hero first. If the hero falls, the overflow damage automatically goes to the remaining villagers.


  • Every Hero has 5 Healing Surges. Each Surge restores full health.
  • If the Hero is conscious, they can be applied as a whole action on a turn. For this turn the Hero cannot attack, sacrifice or move. The villagers can, however, attack.
  • A Healing Surge can be applied in combination of Full Defense
  • If the Hero is unconscious, they can be applied by another hero. The assisting hero cannot attack, more or sacrifice that during that turn. Their villagers can, however, attack. The revived Hero can act with normal choices on their next turn.


Heroes Tokens
Each hero will have a token on the map. You can move your heroes token around the board if they choose not to attack. Each hero will also have a number that represents how many villagers they have with them

Monster Token
Monsters will have a color and number on the map. Color indicates monster type and number is how many in the hex.


  • Heroes and Monsters can move 3 hexes if you have not attacked that round
  • You cannot move through an enemy hex
  • Monsters can move based on type

You can attack and move in the same round if you did not move your full distance.

Full Defense

A hero can elect to find good cover for themselves and their villagers as an action turn. Cover will give everyone in that hex +4 on defense. No attacks or movement can be done on that turn, but a healing surge can be used.

A hero without a bonus in full defense can be hit with a 19 or 20
A hero with an AC bonus of +2 in full defense can still be hit with a natural 20


Heroes have start with the following stats:

  • 15 AC
  • 2 DMG
  • 3 MOVE
  • +0 ATTACK
  • 5 HP

Villagers have the following Stats:

  • 10 AC
  • 1 DMG
  • 3 MOVE with hero
  • -2 ATTACK
  • 2 HP

Monsters’ states change per monster type

Hero Bonus:
Each hero can select one of the following as a bonus:

  • +2 AC
  • +2 ATTACK
  • +1 DMG
  • +1 MOVE
  • +1 HP


  • Villagers must accompany a hero. They cannot move on their own.
  • Distribution of the villagers is up to the players.

Obstacles and Traps

These will be handled at the point of a monster entering the hex. Effect will be determined by DM in case by case, but it will be cool.


  • Can shoot 800m with no penalty, 1200m with a -3 and 1600m with a -6
  • Does 5 point of DMG for each hit
  • Has 10 Bolts


The Goal of the Heroes is to defeat all the monsters on the board before they can get to the Inn. The Goal of the monsters are to reach the courtyard of the Inn

The Inn
Any monster that reaches the Inn will be in fought by the party at the end of a wave as a Boss Battle. Monsters in the Boss Battle will be significantly boosted! Don’t let them get to the inn.

Mass Combat Rules

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